Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weather - ?

It was gray and mushy outside so I stayed in. Katie came by after work because she had about a 4 hour lapse between work and her class. It was good to have her and she helped Bob with the chores. My Oliver is sick. We gave him a dose of penicillin tonight. And some Banamine. He is old and our neighbor Shannon thinks he may be at deaths door. I feel so awful for my old friend. Shannon is the neighborhood goat lady so she knows what is what about goats.

l didn't do much today, I am trying to get my craft/sewing/store room cleaned and organized as well as getting stuff together to take to the tack swap on Friday. I was just sleepy all day and slept good last night. Maybe my body is catching up for the several days in a row that sleep escaped me for most of the nights.

Rain is predicted and if it does and all this snow gets melted fast, we will need a boat to get around. At least it will be warmer.

Bob is going to Boise for the weekend. He has a meeting and that will keep him out of trouble for doing too much around here. Katie is going to come and stay with me.


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