Friday, March 18, 2011

A good day

I am making white chili today. It is simmering on the stove. Hope it tastes as good as it smells. I think it might be a little more zippy than I thought. We are going to a chili feed tomorrow afternoon and Bob wanted to take something a little different. It doesn't look like chili but tastes like it.

Bob and I went to the Outdoor Show at the fairgrounds this afternoon. I enjoyed it but walking on concrete really huts my heels and knees. I did not know there were as many outfitters in the country, little lone in one place. Hunting and fishing trips to all over the world. I can not imagine hunting an elephant or a lion. Some of the deer, elk and moose horns were incredible in their size. I enjoyed a bird refuge area. They had a great horned owl that sat on their arm. She had lost a wing and could not fly. So instead of putting her down, they keep her at the refuge to educational purposes. They also had a screech owl. I did not realize they were so small. She was blind. Also a Red Tail Hawk which are prevalent around here. She only had one wing also and loved being talked to. She was sitting on a ladies arm. Of course they are on a tether lest they forget they can't fly. They also had a huge tank of glass that they were demonstrating fishing stuff. Didn't catch any when we were there but it was fun to watch those big fish swim around.

Sage tried to jump out of her pen when Bob was putting horses in. She likes to go first and Bob did her last. Maybe she is a little spoiled? Anyway, when he did go get her she was a lady about going in. If she had taken a run at it she probably could have jumped it but she tried it flat footed and just knocked her pen askew.

Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures.


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  1. I've had white chili before and loved it Lea - I bet it will be a hit! blessings, marlene