Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunny and Cold

I had a really fun experience this evening about 5:30. Bob went outside to leave for a meeting and he came and told me to come out. I grabbed a sweater (its 15 degrees out) and went out. On the telephone pole across the road sat a really big Great Horned Owl. He had who whoed at Bob when he went out. I made a who who sound and he answered me and then another one on the next pole that we had not noticed answered. I had never had a conversation with an owl before but it was fun. One of them finally flew but when I gave up from the cold and came in the other sat there. I believe it probably is a pair. I know they are around but have never seen two close together. We hear them once in a while. It was fun to talk with them.

What a beautiful day. Even though it was very cold. I did the chores and put the horses out when it was time and mucked stalls. I picked up around. I don't know how stuff gets scattered around during the winter. Sage just continues to get sweeter and handles better. I can rub down her front legs clear to the hoof. I was too cold to pick them up or spend the time working toward that so just rubbed them. She lets me hug on her. If Bob felt top notch I would have put a saddle on her today.

Bob did not sleep well last night but had a better day. He did help with the chores this evening. He did the water. That is an aggravation to me when its this cold. He drove himself to the meeting tonight so he must be better.

Tomorrow Pistol has her surgery. I wish he had done it a couple of months ago but she is only 8 months old so its not too bad.

Blessings this Tuesday evening.


  1. Hi Lea, I am a new follower..I don't ride horses but I think they are amazing animals and have day-dreamed about riding them. lol! I am reading a book Wild Horse Annie on the Life of Velma Johnston and her attempt to save mustangs. It is technical in some ways but also interesting. I admire those that look to the betterment of horses..

  2. Welcome. Hope you enjoy the book. We have 14 horses. Have had them most of mylife. Trusting you will enjoy what I blather on about.

  3. Hi Lea!

    I'm so glad Bob is feeling better - although, I'm sure the pain will linger for quite sometime.

    I can't imagine tending to my horses in the snow - it must be very challenging. Today, we have strong winds and I wanna hide inside! The horses don't seem to mind the winds - just Farmer!

    Have a good one,


  4. Glad to hear Bob's feeling somewhat better, at least he knows the cause. And yay for the good drugs - he can heal if he can sleep! Wonderful news about Sage - she's coming along! We are sunny & cold here too for a change...sure picks up my spirits to see old mr. sun! Take care and stay warm my friend.