Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lost Is Found

I was looking for my pictures from our trip a few years ago to the Pryor Mts. I found them
This picture however is at an adoption near Odessa, WA and the horses getting out of the truck. They come out pretty fast.
This is where we saw Cloud. See the horses in that opening between the trees and there are a couple of horses there. Cloud came out of the trees on the left and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture.

This is Exhilaration. He has quite a reputation on the Pryors. He has gone a couple of times to a QH ranch and gotten into a group of mares. They have moved him to the top of the Herd Management area and in a few days he was back. They took him back farther. He seems to be staying there. He walked out in front of our truck and and stood there and then ambled across
like this is my road. He was with a Bachelor band of 5 or 6 others. They were not so bold though. He was quite young here 3 maybe.
Seattle and part of his harem. He is the black one. There was another silver mare and foal.

There are 2 horses over at the base of the hill. I thought they would show up better. One is dark and the other is a dun. They were the first horses we saw in the Pryors. I was excited for sure.

Our littlest cowboy Isaac. He is 6 now. He loves to ride.

Our grandson Ryan when he was 10 and went for a week into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with his grandpa and some other folks. He had a good time.

Another grandson Tyler with his grandpa riding over in Montana. Tyler lived with us almost 2 years. Loved it.
Had a good day. The valve got stuck in the automatic waterer in Sages stall and when I went to get her to put her out it was very wet. I got it to turn off and thankfully it dried out during the day.


  1. I love these pictures! I'm glad you found them and shared them with us.