Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just a nasty grey day. I did not take a picture. Bob and I spent the day at the doctors office. His leg is still bad and it has gravitated to his low back. He has an MRI scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I was surprised that they would schedule an appointment on a Sunday. Back to some more powerful pain killers.

We took ourselves to lunch afterwards and then went to Big R to get some horse grain. Their baby chicks are in. They are so cute but I just don't buy baby chicks like that. They die so easily and that makes me so sad.

We also went by to look at a mustang a lady wants to give away. She is broke to ride but has not been ridden in a while. A pretty little bay mare. HOWEVER, she has no paperwork on her. She claims the lady who had her deserted her however she knows how to contact her. We could do nothing to find her a home with no paperwork on her. The lady who has her is in a very sad place, she has terminal cancer and a 9 year old daughter and no family. I told Bob we could not get involved with the drama that is going on. I feel awful for her but nothing we can do. We told her what we could do after she got in touch with whoever owns her.

Friday is almost here - Blessings.


  1. Does she need the paperwork if the horse has its brand? Sure hope she finds a home for her, but I know what you mean.

  2. You can not sell or give away aa branded mustang without the paperwork. She says she will tell them its abandoned but she knows how to get a ahold of her. Its a mess, she says she traded the horse for a registered dog. She has nothing that says the horse belongs to her. If there was no brnd that is another story.

  3. Lea.. tell the lady to call Patti at the Burns BLM if it has a freezemark. Then it will be easy to get paperwork, and she wont have to worry about missing paperwork. They can supply her with new information to make it easy to give away or sell (if the horse is titled). If the horse isn't titled talk to Patti about available options, because it is still tecnically government property.

  4. There's so much sadness in this world, it just reminds me to be grateful for could always be way worse. Sorry to hear that Bob's leg is still giving him fits. Will keep you two in my prayers. Take care Lea! Blessings back at ya...

  5. Candy Lee - she knows who owns the horse and how to get in touch with her. Patti or Ramona can help if they won't cooperate with each other.