Friday, February 18, 2011


I took this yesterday coming home from the doctor. It was snowing hard.
Today we took a drive down to take a peak at Heyburn State Park, how it would be to ride there. It won't work this year. They are putting in a sewer system and I don't know what else but Bob and I went to the Headquarters office and talked with them. It won't be a place we can ride this year.
This is the end of Chatcolet Lake. A gazillion geese. They were very noisy but we could only see a few that we could photograph. Several hundred there. Maybe even a thousand.

A deer hiding. She had a this years baby with her but it kept hiding when I tried to take a picture.

She looked at us momentarily.

a view of the lake from the north end of the lake.

A pretty barn near Rockford we thought. When we got up beside the building, it had been turned into a home. It is so pretty.

Some really pretty turkeys along side the road.
We had a really good day just ambling around. It was a fun day. First we went to Couer d'Alene and took my Christmas coat to the Monogram Shop to get the Back Country Horsemen emblem embroidered on the back of it. It will be ready this next week. We got some other bids for some T shirts and patches for the BCH group while we were there.
Have a good Saturday - we have plans.

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