Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day At the Dentist and She Did It

Amelia got her shot to help her settle down and let Dr. McKinley take care of her teeth. It almost put her clear down. Her teeth were a mess.
Jed and his helper looking at her front teeth. Do you know where the expression "Long in the tooth" comes from. I do.

Her incisors were so long her molars could not come together to chew. What looks like a strip of something between her top and bottom teeth actually is what he had cut off but had not removed yet. I saved her cut off teeth.

Down her throat. It doesn't show her teeth too much. She has lost some because of age. They were really pointed and had old hay impacted in her back teeth.

He is filing off the the molars. She kept talking to us when he was doing that. Softly but the whinny was there. She was saying "I don't like this much". Can't say I blame her.

Sage standing tied the first time this spring (I use the term loosely-spring I mean). She stood for a while and then pulled back and pulled the tie thing off the trailer. So, I took her down to the hitch rail which would hold an elephant and put her on the blocker tie ring which is what I should have done in the first place. I think Bob is not happy with me. I did groom her as much as I could. She won't let me brush her legs yet but we are working on it. She did let me brush out her tail. She is stepping on it. Its so full and pretty. I may braid it so she does not pull it out.

She did it. Just walked right in behind Bob. She was nervous but stood there.

She stood there several minutes. Bob went to turn her around and she bolted out. She jumped straight out about 15'. Quite a broad jumper. I caught her and we walked her back up and she put her front feet in and then we just called it a day. She will have to get over that for sure. So many things to teach her. It would not be so intimidating if she wasn't so large.
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Hope its a good one for you. Blessings.


  1. Wonderful day of training, and she is HUGE. I'd be nervous to train her, that's for sure. I'm glad that you let her make her mistakes. Was Bob in any danger when she leapt out? Were you?

  2. Poor Amelia! I always feel bad for them when they don't like having their teeth done. I bet she'll be so happy to be able to chew though.

    Sage does look huge in those pictures! Good for her for getting in even though she was nervous. Glad neither of you got hurt when she bolted out. That scares me when they do that. Our sweet old Soxy still doesn't unload well. Don't know what happened to her in the past, but unloading scares her, so I stay out of her way. She loads great though. I'm sure Sage will learn soon enough that it isn't scary.