Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow, snow and snow

This was when our younger two were liked 3 and 2 here. Nikki and Scott are digging in the sand at an ocean beach. Notice the rope on Tom. I kept one tied on his waist, he had no fear and would have headed for China in the water. He just played and I held the end of the rope.
me holding Tom's leash, Scott Nikki and Chrissy.

My mother and her brother, my 95 (now) year old Uncle Lyle.

My great Uncle David McConnell in his WW1 uniform. This picture was taken in 1918.

Guess who? (Me)

Me. My Aunt Eleanor. She was only 12 years older than me. My Grandma Kephart in the middle and her sister Hannah on the right.

This is my dad's cousin June. I think my sister may have been named after her. Her middle name is June.
Snow and cold, that is all else I can report. It is miserable out. When I got up it was quite sunny and no snow. I thought we had escaped it. About 11 it started and we have about 4 inches. At 8:00PM its 19 degrees and falling. I cancelled our Mustang Club meeting. It will not be safe and a couple of the gals drive quite a distance. Well us too and I don't think the roads will be safe. Its not that important in the whole scheme of things.
Sage had a hissy when Bob put her out this morning. Don't know what got in to her. The weather maybe. I am so thankful for stalls.


  1. In this weather, I'm thankful for stalls, too. If nothing else, they give me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It was much warmer in the barn last night. Great pics of the family through the years.

  2. Oh Lea - you put a huge smile on my face when I saw Tom and the rope. You know me, I love love love looking at the older pictures. Everyone looked so regal and adventurous!

    Sorry about the weather. To be honest, I can't imagine how hard it makes things as I get anxious when it rains here. The rain alone makes my job so much harder - I can't imagine rain, mud, snow, cold, and blizzards!

    You are an amazing woman!