Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold, cold and colder

This was yesterday when all this mess started. By noon today we have about 20" on the ground and the wind, it does blow. Don't mind the snow near as much as the wind that blows it around. Our high temp today was 12 andit is going to -10 at least tonight and thats not with the windchill. I was supposed to drive to the coast tomorrow for a meeting Saturday but I got excused from being there. I called today and told her it was too hazerdous driving. So not only will I not get to the meeting but I will miss a couple of days visiting with grandchildren (daughter and SIL too of course). Not worth it. Its not the snow that worries me its the ice and the wind blowing the snow around until you can not see.

My front porch door. Bob opened the storm door and the front of the house was one big drift. That is how deep it was against the door. Bob shoveled it once and in an hour or so it was just like it was.

This afternoon the sun shone but it did not warm up at all. It is supposed to continue tomorrow but not much more snow. I am thankful for a nice warm house.
Katie came out last night because we are much closer to her work than her house. It was hard for her to get here. She was a nervous wreck. She could not get her car out at 4:30 this AM so she missed a day of work. I am sure she wasn't the only one.


  1. Shiloh was a nervous wreck, too. The roads were bad. I am also thankful for a warm home. Everytime I walk back from the barn, I say that to myself.

  2. I'm glad you don't have to make your trip. Too dangerous.

    Did Bob's MRI results ever come back?