Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy end of week

More pictures from the Pryor Mountains in southern central Montana. This cabin is at the top of the road. The fence is to keep the horses out. They spend a lot of time in this area when there is no snow. The water hole in my last post is about half a mile to the left and off the road a ways. The public is welcome to use the cabin, first come first use. It has bunks a stove and some other stuff there. It was built by a cowboy.
This is Exhilaration's bachelor group. None of them were as bold as he was though.

If you read Matt's blog about the Pryor Mountain horses and he talks about Burnt Timber and Sykes Ridge. This is it. There is a lot of timber that was burned but we were in the middle of it.

Don't know the name of this little lake. Lots of horse prints, poop piles but no horses there when we were. It is low before you start up the mountain and before the fish hatchery.

My friend Andrea and her Tonka. This was in Odessa. We had such fun camping out that weekend.
Bob and I went to a funeral this morning for Darlene Griffeth. A very sweet lady from our church. She had suffered from Alzheimer's for several years. She had a smile that never left her face even when she didn't know who you were. A loving dear lady that never said anything bad about any one.
Then we went and had the car serviced bought some groceries at Walmart and came home. We both took naps. Bob's leg is much better. He is thanking the Lord for it today. Me too. He did the chores this morning. They were done when I woke up.
On Monday, goodbye dial up Internet. I was so glad that Bob decided we needed it. Maybe he got tired of my complaining. Oh well, whatever the reason I am very grateful for it. Although to this point I would not have Internet at all if it were not for dial up.
We have a busy weekend ahead. I may or may not be here until Sunday. Take care and....


  1. You know what would be a fun to do? It would be a blast to take a road trip to every Mustang Management area and meet the people who document and manage them and get pictures. I love the pics of the Pryor Mts. Very cool!

    Sorry about your friend--she sounds like a wonderful lady.

  2. Again, I love the pictures! Especially my Tonka. :) Glad I've lost a little weight since then though...

    Darlene sounds like a wonderful lady. I'm sure she'll be missed very much.

    Really good news about Bob's leg. I hope he doesn't overdo it, so it'll stay healed.