Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow - Ick

This was a grey dismal day. I mucked stalls and put Sage and Amelia right back. I cleaned Amelia's and then put Sage in hers and cleaned Sages. Then put Sage back and went and got Amelia from her pen and put her back. Sage did not particularly like Amelias stall. She was glad to get back "home".
Amelia was glad to get back in where her friend was. She got her feet trimmed today. The only way we can do her feet without her laying down is to feed her treats of as in today, I filled a small bucket with oats and she ate them while Bob was doing her feet. Tomorrow she goes to have her teeth done and checked over. I measured her today - 13h3, and measured her weight also - 780 pounds. A little old lady for sure.
This was what it was like when I got up this morning. The ground was white for a while and then it turned to drizzle which is what it did alternately with snow all day.

Papa and his puppy. She was sleeping on his chest until I walked in with the camera. She is just plain nuts over the man. He will go be with his brother when he has a heart cath on March 8th. She and her crate. She grieves when he leaves even for the day.
Didn't do much else today. It was the kind of day I like to stay in bed and read.

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