Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a day

Not a good day with the weather that is for sure. We only got about half the snow they predicted and a freezing rainy mist on top of it. Made it very difficult to walk. We did not put the horses out today it was so treacherous walking.

I only went out to go to the grocery store and to pick up some prescriptions. Bob drove me in his 4 x 4 SUV and we slid around. I wanted snow but I did not want rain on top of it. I wanted to be able to hitch my sleigh up behind Rosie and go flying along.

I just listened to our president speak at the Memorial Service in Tucson. I am not a democrat but I did think his speech was outstanding. Leave the rhetoric and finger pointing alone and let people heal. Crazy people do unspeakable things. (mho)

I am cleaning out drawers and closets and finding all sorts of things. Not including the dust and dirt. I found the tags off of some trophies I won many years ago and donated to someone. I took the plates off and tossed them in the drawer. Now they are taped in my journal. I found pictures, old postcards that we were going to sell, some stuff that will go in the Goodwill bag. I found a little wooden box with our youngest daughters pony tail the first time she cut her hair. It is long. I found a cribbage board and we haven't played cribbage for years and years.. In the closet in the hall I found that Bob has 4 sets of worn out coveralls, a pair of boots with a big hole in the side and enough vests to supply an army. And I am not to the bottom yet. I think perhaps I should not have postponed getting into that closet so long. Who knows what I might yet find.

I sliced the end of my thumb opening a can of refried beans when I was getting supper. I finally got it to stop bleeding. We had tacos. Bob had to help me because he did not want thumb blood in everything. That is gross. Maybe he would have helped me anyway.



  1. Yikes, I don't like freezing rain, either. That stuff is so dangerous to get around on. Sorry about your thumb--hope it is not too sore tomorrow. I need to be going through some closets, too!

  2. How funny! I cleaned out closets yesterday, too. Is it the weather? The after-Christmas decluttering urge?? We think alike. I didn't hear the president's speech, but I'm with you--I hate the constant bickering. It has turned me off of politics. I still have my opinions, but I almost hate to watch the news anymore.