Thursday, January 13, 2011

No pictures

I just can not make the printer work or maybe it is me, I don't know but I can't get the picture thingy to work tonight. I think I am doing it like Katie showed me but not luck. Makes me really ticked at myself.

Lots of rain on top of the snow and ice. We have a pond outside. Kind of like the house is sitting up on an island. Still ice under it though which makes it very difficult to navigate.

Bob is at a Search and Rescue meeting over at Busy Bee this evening and I walked my half an hour. Around and around and around - living room to hall to kitchen to dining room to living room, sometimes into the bed room and sometimes in place if I wanted to see what was going on with the Gonzaga basketball game. Have been sucking down the water since. The dogs think I am totally off my rocker.

Maybe Katie will come help me figure this out again. Blessings

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