Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh no - she is butt high again. I will need a step ladder, not just a stool. I had to take the picture quick because she wanted to come see what I was doing. I do the chores this evening and the ice is awful. She just walked along slowly beside me and let me hold on to her mane when it got dicey. I am just so proud of her. I want to be on her back but just can't do anything with this kind of footing. Walking back and forth getting out and then in is the extent of it.
Amelia wondering why I am taking pictures instead of getting her to go in. She does not have as good manners as Sage does. She pulled away from me and it was either let her go or fall and I let go. By the time I got around the end of the barn she was in her stall munching on her grain.

Pepper, Abby and Raven watching me. You can still see the place on his neck where he had the IV. They are not thin in the least.

Wrangler wishing I would hurry up with their supper.

Rosie and Ditto watching me feed the others and patiently waiting for me to get to them. Bob and I are having a discussion on Rosie's age. I will have to go look it up in the file.

Bob is at a Back Country meeting this evening hence I did the chores. Don't mind as long as he has fed the cows. I hope the snow waits until he gets home.
I am thinking about what I want to do this spring and summer. For one I want to go to Montana to Clearwater Crossing for a weekend or more. Its not all that far and my favorite place to go ride. I also want to go down to Escure Ranch as soon as the snow is gone. Its a great place to ride. Not in the summer though - an abundance of rattle snakes. I think Bob and I are going over to the Ft. Wordon - not to ride but to take our camp trailer and just play on the beach
along the straights. We will be going to camp and ride with some friends of ours in Oregon in the Steens Mts. There is a wonderful campground with horse facilities not far from French Glen which is about 65 miles south of Burns. We will have to see how our finances hold up. With Bob not working, SS does not go too far. Someplace in there we will be going to Ellensburg to an adoption. I hope we can go to Lewiston too but don't know if they will want us to help. The last time I went to an Idaho adoption they did not do things like I was used to.
I am thinking about the Mustang Club meeting which will b the 27th. same place - Perkins on Argonne and Mission 6:00 PM. I will be sending out an e mail notice when it gets closer. Hope to have a good turnout. In October it was ONLY Bob and I.
Hope tomorrow is wonderful for you: Blessings


  1. I remembered the meeting this month! I wrote it on my calendar so I don't forget again. But if the roads are bad I can't guarantee I'll be there.

    On those rope connectors - will it wait a month or so? I don't know if have the money to order more rope right now.

    Would you want company for your trip to Clearwater Crossing? Is that the place where you saw the bear in the tree? It sounded like a wonderful place to go riding.

    Sage sounds like such a sweetheart, helping you across the ice. I can't believe she's still growing!

  2. I've been watching your blog daily... So much going on. The weather just sounds awful! The pictures today of the horses are my favorite! Each one seems to have such a unique personality. They are really beautiful, Lea. You do a great job with them.

    Your spring/summer plans sound divine!


  3. We've had snow here Lea, which is most unusual. I'm so glad I don't live where you do - that cold hurts my bones. :) blessings, marlene