Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking back

Because my computer is still winning the picture battle, I am looking back over horses we have had and some we still have.
This picture is Ditto's 3rd. foal with the barn name of Tango. It is one of my favorite horse pictures. We had him until he was 2 and we sold him and then he has been sold again so I don't know where he is.

Stormy at a month old. His mama is Rosie. He was a wonderful little guy. He was broken to ride at about two and a half and sold to our friends down the rode for their grandkids. The grandkids were not interested so they sold him to a little girl in Western Washington and she is 3 day evening him. He is about 8 now and she is about 11. What a pair and what a perfect home.
Stormy the day after he was born. It was so cold and nasty and he was cold. I did not have a foal blank and he was a pony so anything would have been too large. So he got my sweatshirt.

Stormy again running away from his mother. She was getting really frustrated with him. It was the first day we turned them out.

May is a wonderful horse. She must be 30 now. We gave her to some folks over in Idaho. The last we heard from them was she had a heated stall and grain. She is quite a horse. She could keep up with Tennessee Walkers and trot like the wind.

Marissa was a girl I gave lessons to on Sequoia. She loved him so much. Sequoia was her pony but he lived here. When she outgrew him we bought him and now he belongs to a little girl over in Idaho. She was sound asleep when I went to tell her it was time to start getting ready for her classes that afternoon. He just stood there not moving a muscle.

One of the horses I have had. Dun In Glory. She was a paint - her spot was on the other side on her hip. I did OK on her but we did not have the bond I had hoped. I sold her to a little girl down in Hood River, Oregon.

Rosie and I. She loves to do that even yet. That is why she did so well pulling the sleigh.

My Ditto who is 30 this year on the far right. She had 3 foals and those are her boys. Tango Sam and K.C. Like I said, I don't know where Tango is but the other two are up in Eureka, MT on the same farm riding the mountain trails.

Bob as a teenager riding his black and white paint horse - Cloudy. She was a really, really awesome horse.

Oops, I forgot to turn this. It is Bob on Wrangler in the Bob Marshall Wilderness a few years ago.

My beloved horse Star. She babysat me all over the mountains. One day she started acting lame when we were on a mountain trail. I walked her back, she stood in the cold creek for a while and that is the last time I rode her. When we took her to the vet the next week her front legs were like Swiss cheese. Basically gone. We had to have her put down. She was a mustang from the Pokegama Herd Management Area in SW Oregon. She is buried on our place and there is a Star Bob made me hanging on the post. She isn't forgotten.
We have had lots of rain. Most of the snow is gone but some ice hanging around. Hope it is gone by tomorrow. I would like to work with Sage.


  1. Love all the pictures and hearing about your past horses.

    Oh, and I went ahead and ordered the rope. I have 6 almost done, found some I hadn't finished, and if I get the new rope I'll have the rest done by the meeting next week.

  2. Very nice photos and stories - thank you for sharing them.

  3. Cool pictures and stores to go with them...nice!