Monday, January 3, 2011

Donkey Hugs

Still no pictures. I am getting frustrated. Katie is coming tomorrow to see if she can help me figure it out. I have pictures of Nathaniels birthday party and Sage and our beautiful weather still just on my cameras. So, just me again today.

This afternoon Bob was trimming the donkeys feet. Yuma stand there about asleep. Chemmy wants company and then he stands. If you stand and put your arm over his neck like a hug, he turns his head around and hugs you back. We stood there hugging and Bob did all his feet. It was really funny. I talked into his long ear and we had a hugging good time while Bob trimmed his feet. Donkeys are so sweet.

I think we are going to call Emma's owner and have him come get her. I don't know what he will do with her, she is lovely to look at but no matter what we try she is anti social and just does not settle down. We have tried 6 months and Shannon had her a month and she just won't let us near her. She is going to hurt someone and I don't want it to be one of us. Have never had a horse that would not accept us at all. Wranglers mom Sandy was almost as bad but she was okay for a few days and then just explode and deliberately try to hurt us. Don't quite know what to do with Emma but she is not ours so I guess its up to her owner. Makes me sad but enough is enough. She almost hurt Bob today, it was like she had never been worked before.

Sage is doing good. Just lead her around some more. Back to the bag again maybe tomorrow. I think I am not doing it just right. If it were spring it would be easier.


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  1. That's too bad about Emma--if you guys can't help her that's not a good sign. We do what we can for our horses, but in the end, they have to do some, too, because they're just too big and dangerous to be unfriendly.