Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Still have not got stuff figured out so I can do pictures. Katie said she would come tomorrow but we will not be home in the afternoon. Our great grandson Nathaniel will be turning one year old on Wednesday and his party is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a 20th birthday for grandson Bryant in Marysville. I can hardly believe that he is so.

Today I took Sage from the round pen for a long walk. Bob has plowed an area clear around our property where I can drive Rosie. The runners are narrow and need a plowed place to drive her. So, today I took Sage for a walk around the place. I got some real insight into how the wild horses survive in the wild. She lead pretty well but really crowds me. We will have to work on that issue. She stopped and dug in the snow looking for grass, she dug up some dry plants above the snow and ate them. She really did do good. We got over by the other horses and she was very inquisitive. She stood there and looked at them. She has seen them up by the barn but she was interested with them out there. I think she wanted to run and buck and romp in the snow but I don't dare turn her loose like that yet. She enjoyed it and when she got back to the round pen she let me hug her all over and I just put my face into the beautiful neck and snuggled a minute. She let me.

Rosie got her winter shoes on. If we have time tomorrow she will go for a drive, if not on Monday. This weather is incredible. Very cold but very beautiful. Last night at Turnbull Game Preserve near Cheney it was 19 below. About 10 below at our house. The sun is so bright and beautiful on the snow.

We did nothing special for New Years Day. We had a wonderful dinner last night at Wolf Lodge. The food was spectacular however pretty spendy. Never have had a steak that tender or cooked so exquisitely. Yum. Could not afford it very often but it was fun for once.


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