Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures at last

Out driving on trails Bob plowed around three fields with the tractor. That makes it easier for Rosie to pull the sleigh. It is a Portland Cutter. I love it, it has a green velvet seat and is shiny black.
Heading out. It was so fun. The road is beginning to break up so could not go out there. I had intended to drive down to Shannon's but gave up on that.

Just after our first round at a brisk trot. Rosie will do about anything we ask her to but her favorite thing is pulling the sleigh or a buggy. Its what she was born to do.

Nathaniel's first birthday and his cake. He would not dig into it. I put his hand in the top and it upset him. He never did. Bless his heart.

Lili singing me a song and doing some arm swinging along with it. She is a kick. She greeted us with big hugs and kisses.

The birthday boy. I may be prejudice but I thing he is really one handsome little dude.

Our road on Sunday morning. The icicle was down the windshield.

One of our lovely sunsets this past week.

I was trying to take a picture of Sage and she was determined to put her nose against the lens. What is it Mom, what is this, huh?

Out the window by my computer. It doesn't show the diamonds on the snow though. Well not really diamonds but it shone like there was.

Out the dining room window. Snow was coming off the roof. When it comes off it makes a big noise and the dogs go nutty.

Pistol and her brother Paco. He is longer and a little taller but they look a lot alike and they act alike. They had such fun romping for a little while.
It was a fun day. I slept in some because I was awake in the middle of the night. I am reading and journaling a book called The Relationship Principles of Jesus. Such a good book, it takes me a little time to do it but I am enjoying it. It will take 40 days to do it if I work on it every day. The very first principle it talks about it Place the Highest Value on Relationships. I am starting the 4th. principle tomorrow. Every principle is more than one chapter. I try to do a chapter a day.
Driving Rosie was so good. I felt like I was flying across the snow. Just wrapped in a warm blanket, pulled my had down over my ears and away we flew.Tom waxed the runners on the sleigh Christmas.
Hope you had a good day. Blessings

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  1. Aren't you the lucky girl? What a wonderful thing to do in the snow!