Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Roads

The road we live on is Christensen but Brooks ends up at an intersection and then goes on
as Christensen. Same road, different name. Make sense, of course not, not to us either.

Sage was so wonderful today. She loves me and wants my attention. That makes me very very happy. I scratched her neck, rubbed her all over and down her legs clear to her hoof. On both sides. I took her out and let her eat grass. Steve was pounding at the new back porch and Bob had the tractor running and she just kept eating. Calm and quiet. She is going to make me a great horse.

I made tomatoe sauce yesterday and today. I put it in the freezer rather than can it. Ten pounds of tomatoes don't make too much though.

We are leaving tomorrow morning as soon as the chores are done. I wish I had a lap top but I don't so I won't be posting a blog until after next Tuesday. We will be in Burns, Oregon looking at wild horses, visiting with Andi, going to the corrals and who knows what else. I hope to meet up with Face Book friend Maggie who is going to be down there ambling around too.

See you later,

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  1. Sage sure has come a long way. I am so happy for her achievements! You've done fabulous work, Lea.

    Have a wonderful trip! Take some pictures for us bloggie friends!

    Be safe!