Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This past week Bob and I have been in Burns, Oregon staying with our friend Andi. She has a lovely trailer she uses as a guest house and we availed ourselves to it. We got to visit with her and on her days off we did fun things for the most part. Her husband committed suicide a month ago and we were glad to be able to stay with her and lend her a hand with some things. Her nephew, BiL and Bob cleaned out three sheds and did some building for her. On Saturday we helped her with a yard sale. Enjoyed out stay so much. Other than a nasty cold that I seemed to not be able to ride myself of we had a nice visit.
One day while she had to work, Bob and I went by the BLM office and saw Ramona and Tara. Ramona is such a precious friend also. Then we went out to the corrals and visited with Wendy who had delivered Sage to me. Tom was off hunting so we missed him. We spent a long time looking at the horses in the corrals. The baby in the picture above was just stunning. I loved him (or her). Isn't that a cute face.
What you doing huh? Almost came up to the fence but couldn't quite bring himself to do that.

This mare and foal were so sweet. I think they are getting ready to wean soon.

These two youngsters were playing king of the mountain.

Isn't she pretty. Looks a lot like a filly we used to have - Lily.

I loved his markings.

A sunrise picture out of Andi's yard across the road to the Rattlesnakes.

This was on the side of a wagon in Frenchglen.

In the South Steens. This youngster was with a mare with a sorrel baby too. I don't know if this was a yearling (pretty small if that's so) and the other was this years but they were close together.

Isn't that a beautiful mare?

We thought that was Honor but somehow I am not sure. The white baby was trailing along behind. There were a lot of hunters up there and they had had tons of people up there and a lot of shooting going on so they were a little leery. Not so usually. We saw a couple of other groups far off with binoculars.

Big Indian Gorge. It was really beautiful. Did not want to hike to the bottom however.

Bob and Andi conferring on something.

Doesn't that look like a volcano smoking. It wasn't though, just a cloud.

Kiger Gorge. The horses are at the other end though. It was so beautiful.

Another day we went down to see if we could get in to see Paisley Horses. I wanted to see where Sage was from. My Toyota Camry would not do those roads so we did not see horses there. I was disappointed. We did see a gazillion antelope however. Well maybe that is an exaggeration but a lot of them

And this guy basking in the sun. Not far off the road. He was posing for us.

Aspen trees in the Steens.

Andi's foundation QH stallion Skipper. He is so cute.
We had a great time. I will try to post more pictures tomorrow. This is quite a group of pictures I know.
I am making more tomato sauce today. Will finish it tomorrow and get it in the freezer. I still have a ton of tomatoes to do something with. I may make spaghetti sauce
My cold is much better, still coughing some but not like I was. Tomorrow is my check up with the cardiologist. I am dreading that. He is going to lecture me about my weight. Gained a couple of pounds last week and no time to walk it off before tomorrow. Oh well, such is life.
Bob is going back to Burns tomorrow. He bought some cattle and has to go after him. I am not going. I do not feel like sitting for that far and quick ride. He will be back on Friday.
I played with Sage some today. She acted glad to see me. She is shedding her summer coat like mad.
I did a bunch of laundry today. Now that is caught up I can relax some. Hope you all have a great tomorrow. Blessings


  1. I wonder if that is a baby who lost his mama and is trailing along with her because she will let him. An Amish friend is going to show me how to can for pie apples; so then I can do my own. We love to just eat them warmed with vanilla ice cream. Our 'maters are done; so are peaches and pears. Hope you had alot of fun and love the photos.

  2. Oh the views are incredible Leah - how I would love to see them for myself. blessings, marlene

  3. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm glad you got to go spend time with Andi and help out.