Monday, October 4, 2010

Precious Treasure

This picture was taken nearly 8 years ago. It was Thanksgiving day that year. On Face Book I said 6 weeks later but actually it was 2 1/2 months later that Scott - the one on the far left- died suddenly of a heart attack so this picture is truly my PRECIOUS TREASURE. The last of the five together.
And on the lighter side that is the couch I got rid of with the pink flowers so it truly was old and worn out.
I feel l00% better today. Went out to Sage for a couple of times for about 10 minutes each time. We put the halter off and on and picked up feet and just loved on her. She has two places she wants me to scratch, under her jowls and on her withers. She makes the funniest faces and does all sorts of contortions with her head to get me to run there. Love that horse. I mean I LOVE that horse.
I am about packed - at least for me. Guess I better get at Bob's stuff soon. He would go without anything if I didn't do it. We went to TN one time and he insisted he could pack himself and when we got there he had no socks and no shirts. Just what he had on. Since then, I do it. We are staying with our friend Andi in Burns.

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  1. Lea - thank you for stopping by my blog and making such a nice comment. You are so special!

    I understand why you treasure this picture... So sorry about the loss of Scott. He had a great smile!

    Glad you are feeling better. I read your blog every morning to check on you and watching Sage's progress.