Sunday, October 3, 2010


This was a very hard word - BALANCE - to find something to take a picture of. This is my attempt. Sages front feet are about balanced - the same -. I might be stretching it but its my thinking today.
Sage is completely halter free as of today. I still am not feeling on top of the world. So I just went out and rubbed and petted and hugged on her. She let me put the halter off and on several times so I just left it off. She is getting more friendly all the time. Love it. She had an itchy spot under her jaw and I scratched it and I had to laugh at the contortions she put her head in to get me to scratch in just the right spot.
Did not go to church today. I still am sneezing and coughing. Don't need to spread this around any more. At least all the junk is leaving my head. It better hurry up because we are leaving on our trip on Wednesday. Hook or crook, I am going. The last time we had a trip planned to go look at wild horses I ended up in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. We did get to go but several weeks later. That was a trip to Wyoming and this time to Oregon. I will take a lot of pictures.
Shannon is working with Emma. She is doing well with Emma. We just needed to do something different and Shannon offered. Bob was getting frustrated and that never works.

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