Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday was a cow day, today recovering

The day started about 10:00 AM. Part of the cows belong to John, our neighbor. He was there with his trailer, we had our trailer and our good friends Ron and Shannon brought their truck and trailer. We had 27 cow calf pairs to gather up and load.

This is one of Johns cows. I think she is cute. Part Galloway I think.
The big cow is Johns, the little red cow beside her is ours.

Kilo and Josie. They are Shannon and Ron's. I wish Skeeter minded as well as Kilo.

I would love hair like Shannon's. I don't have the patience.
And today I went to a couple of yard sales and found a couple of bargains. Met a lady that wants to ride and her husband made her get rid of her horses. I bought some of her tack. I asked about saddles (not that I need one) but her daughter who lives in southern California and was involved in the bad fires a couple of years ago. Their horse trailer melted and her saddles melted. She had loaned them to her daughter until she decided whether to sell them or not. I feel bad for her because her husband is being so crabby about it. Her horse fell on her. She wasn't hurt badly but it frightened him. She really wants a mustang so I invited her here. She will be able to pet one and maybe even ride one.
At another yard sale I found some books that I have wanted to read. Non fiction books. I will mix them in with my no brainer reading. That is how I read so many. I have to read when I go to bed and it depends on when I can sleep how much. I am starting on the last book of the series about the Indians in the Ochoco Mountains in Oregon. Makes my toenails curl.
I finally have one large tomato turning red. There are (without exaggerating) a thousand green tomatoes. From cherry tomatoes to really big tomatoes. Hope we get to eat some.
Maybe some horse pictures tomorrow. Please pray that my back stops being a hindrance to me.


  1. What a day! Sorry to hear about the bothersome back - mine gives me trouble sometimes, too. Glad you found some deals... I LOVE LOVE reading - especially the no brainers (smile).

  2. I have a hip that sometimes is a real pain, know how that can mess up your plans for the day when that interferes with what you want to accomplish. I can relate to the horseless lady--spent years that way. I went to a yard sale yesterday and found a wool sweater that I think I can reblock. If not, I only paid two dollars for it. If I can, I have a very pretty wool sweater I paid two dollars for!!!

  3. So sorry about the back and hope it feels better soon - I have back trouble too from time to time and know how unpleasant it can be. But it sounds like you did a lot regardless - hope you can help out the lady who likes horses and is without one.