Sunday, September 5, 2010

A nasty day

Sunday Stills - Glass
This is one of the candle stick holders from Bob's fathers collection. He has been gone over 20 years. Most of them were sold but the ones that did not sell we got. Love that blue color.
My back is giving me fits. Can't wait to get into the chiropractor on Tuesday. Spent most of the day laying down with a pillow propped against my hip. Hate this. It seems better this evening. I really wanted to ride this weekend but no such thing occurred.
I went over my 1000 things that bless me. I had numbers mixed up a couple of places and found about 3 duplicates. Guess they double bless me so the numbers are different today.
332. hearing my husband laugh
333. Calligraphy
334. The roll top trunk that will go to Nikki
335. Robins
336. My grandmas secretary desk
337. Bone chine teacups that were both my grandmothers and mother in law's
338. sharp finger nail clippers
339. The red blouse I found at a yard sale - yummy pretty
340. The man who found Steve's cell phone and called and returned it
341 All the help we had with the cows.
342 Hard times that make us stronger
343. Barn swallows
344. Antique stores
345. Steamed clams
346. Baked Salmon
347. Cataract removal
348. Niece Kathy and husband Jim stopping by just cause.

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  1. You're getting ahead of me on the list! :) I've been home this last week and had a million things to do in a short time. I'm back at the mission now so I'm going to work on my next list! I love the blue candle stick; the color is so rich and clear. blessings, marlene