Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry No Pictures

A very slow day. Bob is part of the Mounted Search and Rescue for Spokane Country and they got called out about 11 last night to find a lady and three children lost in the mountains around Liberty Lake. She was found and all was OK. I don't know what time he got home but the dogs woke him up at their regular going out time of about 4:30. He went back to sleep but not soundly. He had to be in town this morning and when he got home he was exhausted and lay on the sofa and slept like a log for 3 1/2 hrs. I tried to be quiet so he would not get woken up.

I finally went outside and worked with Sage. I picked up her feet and rubbed her all over with the rubber curry and put the surcingle on her. I also got the training halter on her. No bit but made like a headstall with lots of rings on it. She did not fight me putting it over her ears. I was so happy with her. Then I tried to ground drive her. I could not get her to move. Bob came outside rested up from him nap. He put a lead rope on her and got her to lead around and finally I got her moving on our own. She is so funny when she gets startled. She doesn't rear or shy sideways. She levitates all four feet off the ground in place. I hope she does not do that with me on her. I stood on the step stool and lay against her back. She is not as willing for me to do it with the surcingle there too. Just more work.

While I was ground driving her after she got what I wanted, she just lowered her head until she was level, her ears were foreword and she was very relaxed. Makes me want to jump and shout hooray.

I had my horse club meeting this evening, the first of the fall, and just as I was leaving Bob got a call that our cows up at Newport were out. I suppose tomorrow we will take Pepper up and start bringing them home. I love the baby calves when they are tiny but cows are not my favorite animal in the world. We make good on selling beef but I would rather buy them as just weaned and raise them here than have cow calf pairs. Cows are not really brilliant.

More of my list of 1000 blessings:

334 - The lady and her 3 grandchildren were found safely
335 - Bob had finished his S & R training
336 - Sharpie pens
337 - metal pancake turners (hate plastic ones)

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  1. Sage sure in coming around nicely. You do such great work! Felt bad for Bob's lack of sleep but know the reason was well worth the deprivation... Bob sounds like an awesome man!