Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome home Pistol

Puppy came home today and finally got a name - Pistol. I think its weird but Bob named her and she is his dog. So Pistol it is.
Bob's stirrup. I liked the picture.

I had a stiff neck today and I knew I could not mess with Sage much so I went in with a rubber curry and rubbed her with it. I hit her sweet spot and the faces she made were hilarious. I loved it. She followed me to the gate for the first time.

Bob worked with Emma for a long time. He did touch her but she wasn't too thrilled with it.

She like being rubbed with the stick though. That is great progress.

Bob led her around off Pepper. She followed them really well. He got close enough to bump her side with his foot. That sent her off on a leap but by the time he got off she wasn't minding so much.
I spent most of the day laying down. Tomorrow we are going on a ride and I am going sore neck or not.

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