Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visiting and Sadness

This week has been wonderful. My sister and her husband were here from Monday evening until this morning. Just a brief time but we packed in a lot of things. I miss her so much that my heart aches. Its tough when we live so far apart and if we see each other once a year that's good. All of these pictures are from her visit. She has not been here for six years. I have been there however. Her health is not as good as mine so I was thrilled they could come.
This first picture is with our Tommy and his family. There is Sharon and Brownie in the rear and Seth holding puppy Max, Sheya, Christy, Tom and Ryan.

Then on with our tour that day we went to see Joel, Heather Lilyanna and Nathaniel. Sharon had never met Heather let alone the babies. She could not do all of those stairs so they came down and we sat on the lawn.

Our last stop before going to eat was with Chrissy, Wendy, Skylor, Jadeyn and their dog River. It was such a fun time.

Wednesday our oldest son Steve came out to do some things and spent time visiting with them. He has done such a wonderful job on our house. We are so proud of what he did.

We had a laugh at this sign outside a bar in the town of Republic. We had dinner there (in Republic not the bar.) It is a cute little town. There are deer wandering around all over the town.

Sharon and Brownie outside the store in Wauconda. That is all that is there - a store which houses a small restaurant, a small grocery area and a post office. The "town" sold on ebay recently which included the store and 5 acres for $360,000. I think the guy said the people who bought it live in Minnesota but will be coming out soon. It was a mining town.

Sharon and Brownie have a 4 1/2 year old grandson that loves John Deere tractors and sings the song about a big green tractor all the time. Sharon sent a photo like this with her telephone to him. Liam also sings the song Crazy Town. He is a dolly.

A view as we drove down to the Keller Ferry. That is the Columbia River.

Up on the Colville Indian Reservation. There were about 50 b/w pintos. This one was going to water. He looked a lot like Sage. So I took his picture (or her, I don't know)

Mama and baby up on the Rez. Sharon thought they looked like they had chicken pox. They were sure nice horses. Not all Rez horses look that good.

Just liked the looks of this. Just sitting there. I wish it could talk.
I am so sad that they had to leave today. We have committed to have more contact in person rather than just over the i/net or texting.
We found out this evening that our puppy comes tomorrow morning. We have been bringing her home for the day. Well tonight her mama would not let her nurse and ran her off so tomorrow she comes for good. Bob still has not named her.


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun. It never seems like enough time does it?

  2. What wonderful family pictures - I know you will treasure them. blessings, marlene