Sunday, August 15, 2010

Touches Me and Metal

Bob got camera happy just before I left for church. He had to go to a class for his Search and Rescue group. It was a good day at church and the message was awesome. Don't forget to pass on the good things in our lives to our children and grandchildren.
Bob was working with Emma and Pepper was waiting for him to get to the part where he rode him. So he was eating weeds.

See his little black nose peeking under the bottom panel?

Emma and Bob had a big break through today. She leads with just the rope around her neck where ever he wants and with just the slightest pressure walked right up to him. He touched her face and she let him.

He led her right up to me. Look at the sun on her mane. Spun gold.

Snow Kitty. I think we will be able to find her a home because she doesn't mind being handled.

Pistol in the toy basket taking a rest. She is doing pretty well. I don't like her name yet but that's it. Oh Well.

The Sunday Stills is metal. That is our horse trailer. Love that trailer. We bought it off ebay a few years ago for a really good price. It was in Pueblo, Colorado. Bob and his friend Bernie went to get it.
So a few more of my list of things to be thankful for. Day 2 of listing.
I think the number is right but will write it down this time so my numbers will be correct.
27. Stars
28 birthday cakes
29 ice cubes
30 quilts
31 new sheets
32 flannel sheets in the winter
33 rain on the roof
34 Katie
35 My saddle
36. The bLM
37 baseball caps
38 Seahawks
39 Mariners
40. Sewing machine3
41 cell phones
42 a paved road
43 our horse trailer
44 our truck
45 Ryan
46 Seth
47 Sheya
48 lemonade
49 Homemade burgers
50. sleep
51 my bed
52My journal
53 my bible
54 my pastors
55 trust
56 books - all kinds of books
57 music cd's
59 Carmel apple pie
60 Beauticians
61 Scissors
62 yarn
63 crotchet hooks
That is a good start huh? I have more written down.
Hope your day was wonderful.

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