Monday, August 16, 2010

Errands, laundry ect.

Bob did not get as much touching as he had hoped but made headway none the less. He can do more with a rope than I could ever imagine.
She did not like the rope around her nose at all.

Just a few of the tomatoes that are coming. I certainly hope that some of them get ripe so we can eat them.

Nikki, if you look at this, please show these potato plants to Lane. He wanted to plant them when he was here. I told him where to plant them and he did. They are growing like mad.
Just ran errands today. Had the car serviced. I was going to have it washed but Bob is going to drive it for his work tomorrow so I didn't. Went and got some calf food and some fly spray for the horses. Tomorrow Steve is going to get the hand rails for the front porch done. He did some finishing out there today and then repaired a pipe that broke out in the pasture.
Hope you had a great weekend.

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