Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I got a saddle pad on Sage and she just let me put it on. I had her smell it and lay it against her shoulder and then on her back and it was no really big deal for her. I was so excited.
I put my step stool up beside her and moved that saddle pad around and layed on it and I wanted to go get a saddle but would be rushing things big time. I want to be riding her so bad.

Bob made big progress with Emma too. She let him rub her shoulder. So, it was a good day.

This evening our granddaughter Sheya came to spend a few days with us and to go to Marysville to a family reunion. We will leave about noon tomorrow.

We had a dust storm of sorts blow through today and I am snorting and sneezing dirt. I hate that.

More things I am thankful for.
199 Dreams
200 Freezers
201 Crock pots
202 Raising our own meat
203 Horsey friends
204. Vets
205 Son in Law Carmen (married to Nikki)
206. Daughter in law Debbie (married to Steve)
207 Daughter in Law Christy (and Tom)
208 Lemon Verbena
209 Permanent press fabric
210 Lavender
211 Grain ready to harvest
212 Evergreen Trees.

I may get something here over the weekend but maybe not. Hope yours is great.


  1. Yahoo Grandma and Sage!!!

  2. Great work with Sage - that's so exciting!

  3. She is really going along well. I also love the steel wheel handrails. What a novel idea!