Friday, July 9, 2010


It took some talking but I got Lane to pet Peppers nose. Then he picked up his rope and was not so afraid. Lane is a city kid. However, his chore every day when he is here is to get the eggs. He is even a little leery of them coming to close - the hens, not the eggs.

Katie's Abby in time out. She is tearing fences up right and left. I don't know what has gotten into her. Then, I tried to catch her to put her in with Amelia and no way no how was she going to let me. I text Katie and asked her to come when she got off work and catch her. She did. Abby is not happy but she won't break down that fence. She just walks through the hot wire. The others won't go near it but she just bully's right through. Bob is plumb upset with her. He does not like fixing fence every day with her out happily eating.

It was so hot today Sage and I did not do anything new. Just went over what we had covered. She let me walk right up to her and attach the rope but was just a little cranky about doing stuff so we didn't. I didn't blame her.

Bob is teaching a packing clinic tonight and tomorrow. Not too far from home so he will be home tonight. I hope we get to do some of it this summer but its not looking like it.


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  1. Glad I don't have a horse who consistently goes through hotwire, or I'd be in big trouble since it's all we have. I do have one who goes through it in the bad heat of summer when all the grass is killed out. I have to think ahead with him.