Sunday, July 11, 2010

A non horsey weekend

This is our friends Judy and Merrill. Today they celebrated their 50th anniversary. We went to their party. It was good to see a lot of friends. Congratulations.
Three of our grandchildren. Skylor, Nikki and Jadeyn. We measured Sky and he is 5'11 at 14. They were not happy about Grandma taking their picture. Oh well, Grandma wanted to.

I really did nothing with the horses this weekend except feed and water. It was so hot I just couldn't do it. Like my friend Andrea said in her blog - Mustang Saga - I am going to have to become a morning person if I want to do things with the horses.

Lane is in town with his Uncle Tom and family. Bob will pick him up when he gets off work tomorrow. And, tomorrow the bedroom floor gets started. I hope he can do it in one day. Also the garage is ready for the new door. We are getting the things done we wanted to accomplish.

I hope your weekend was blessed.

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  1. You're sure staying busy! Sounds like it's mostly fun stuff, even if you don't get much time for "horseplay." :)