Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot and Tired

It was still 94 at 6:30 and that is the last time I checked. I am not complaining, it is just plain old hot.

This morning Lane and I started unloading 2 tons of hay but Bob and our oldest son Steve soon showed up. Lane was in the way a lot but he was trying to help. Steve put them on the elevator off the trailer, I drug them off and to Bob and he stacked. Our loft is almost full. We have several more tons coming though.

The, we gathered up the cow calf pairs and loaded them in the big trailer and took them up to Newport where they will spend the rest of the summer and fall as long as the grass holds. Not a hard job but its a drive up there with no AC. My face looks like a lobster. My nose will peel but the rest will turn brown.

I worked with Sage first thing this AM = probably about 7:30. She did fine. I did get one foot picked up. Nothing too new. It was too early for both of us. She was in a good frame of mind though. I could have led her about anywhere I think.

Bed is calling loudly and my knees are telling me its time = Blessings

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