Monday, July 12, 2010


My little pump pool. We have not had it up and going very long. We moved it from where we had it last summer.
The wind in the walnut tree. I thought it might blow them apart. These trees were started from starts from my Uncle Georges tree that was started from his grandfathers tree up in Bonney Lake.
Some one asked me what it was called when a spot like Sages white spots
had the shadow edge all around it. I said I didn't know but maybe one of you will.
All of her white spots are surrounded with that edging.

A bad hair day. I didn't do much with her today because of the wind. She ran and bucked and jumped before she let me catch her. She was a little touchy this evening but we have had monstrous wind all day. I am sure that was her problem.

Emma was about to fly away with the wind blowing stuff around.

Another tree that I thought might just blow off some where. There are fires all over the place.
It was just a nasty windy day. Not cold but the wind has been awful. Hate it when the wind blows like this in the summer because it always means lots of fires around.

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  1. I have a pump pool almost exactly like yours! Loved seeing the pics of the horses. Hope your wind has calmed down!