Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Long Day

This is Isaac and today he is 6. I saw him yesterday and I asked him what tomorrow was (yesterday so I was talking about today). He told me very seriously that today was Thursday and it was his birthday and I am serious Grandma. So happy birthday Monkey. We love you A LOT.
Our Great Granddaughter Arawyn. She is a pistol. But a Sweetheart too. We took her to meet her Nana and Papa in Wenatchee. That is half way. I will go and get her on Monday. We don't get to see her as often as we would like but love it when we can.

We went to get some hay tonight and while they were loading it I looked up and this girl was standing there and watching. She had a baby with her but kept it out of sight.

I was standing at Sages shoulder and took this picture and the next one too from the other side. She didn't seem to mind too much.

This is the side that was untouchable for a long time. I want to try to change halters tomorrow. We'll see if that works or not.

Sage peeking under the fence to see who was on the other side. She is becoming much more gentle and sweet.
I worked with her today for a little while but not as long as I had hoped. I was so sleepy today I couldn't seem to accomplish a whole lot. We got home at midnight last night and I could not go to sleep. That always bugs me.
There are 5 kittens left and they go to the pound on Monday if they don't have homes. I want to reclaim my extra bathroom. We are going to be having company off and on for the rest of the summer and I need to get it cleaned and aired out. I would like to keep the blue grey male with long hair if I was going to keep any. But I am not. Not with another litter in the barn.


  1. I like how her eye and ear are concentrated on you, but there is no fear. She is coming along.

  2. I hope the kitties find homes :( Sage looks to me like she loves you.