Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wunerful wunerful

I had been leading her around when Bob finally got there to take some pictures. She was a little nervous with him standing there so was pulling back just a little.

I don't think she would do this outside the round pen yet but it is good to have her. I was asking her to walk faster of the rope would have been slack.
Now this is progress. This is her bad side and I can walk up to it now without her doing anything. I can rub back to her hip on both sides.

I was trying to fix her mane all on one side. She didn't seem to mind. I will start brushing her mane in the next day or so. She is so beautiful.

Rubbing her neck and messing with the halter. I want to be able to take it off soon. Or at the very least to change halters and put a rope one on her.

She was smelling my hand again. I have to watch her though. She tastes. Earlier I had an orange tee shirt on and she took a hold of it twice. Not in a biting manner, just tasting. No teeth on me but I can't have her doing that. It was pretty funny but would not have been if she had gotten a hold of me.
Bob even went in and led her a bit. I am so proud of her progress. So it was a good day. Went and got my hair trimmed and she didn't do it like I asked. I guess if I want a good haircut I need to go to a better salon. Ya think.


  1. Lea,
    I wish I lived near you so I could see your mustangs. How beautiful! And how patient you are to care for them and teach them. You are one special lady.

  2. That is really wonderful - thanks for the pictures!

  3. Making good progress there. She is a nice-looking mare. How tall is she-guesstimating? As for the hair thing--sometimes you just move on and try someone else. Sooner or later, you find someone who "gets the idea" of what you want.

  4. Nice job--your roundpen looks great. THanks for the kittens--they're settling in well.