Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Progress

I had a great day with Sage today. I put my brush in my pocket before I went out into the round pen. I caught Sage in her little pen. She just lets me walk up to her without a flinch. I led her out to the round pen and did a couple of things with her. Like leading her. Then I rubbed her neck and took out the brush. Isn't her mane beautiful. I was so proud of her to just stand there and let me without jumping or moving off.
Notice anything different? Her halter? I changed halters on her today without so much as a twitch. I was so proud of her. She just stood there and let me like we had done it every day. I took the drag rope off. I could have several days ago but did it today. I was so proud of her.

She has such a pretty face. I also rubbed down her front legs clear to her hoof on this side and to her knee on the other side. I could do it on all four feet with the stick. I was jumping up and down and shouting hurrah inside. This was the best day ever. She acts like she really likes me. I love her.
Today was the Census Bureau picnic. I don't know if it was the Fourth of July picnic or just about over picnic. I know I ate a lot. It was fun. By the end of July it will be all done with I believe.


  1. I love reading about your work with Sage - she is indeed a beautiful girl.