Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Great Day

Sage playing peek a boo with me on the outside of the round pen. Loved that look. I was putting some of the horses in for the night.
Her color and the sun did not show exactly what I wanted. She had an expression on her face that was priceless. I was waving the lash of the carrot stick all over. She just stood there and did not freak out like yesterday. I was able to wave it beside her and over her and lay the stick on her with the lash flopping. Much progress.

I used a brush on her the first time today. Had used a rubber curry but not a brush. She did not mind at all. I was so proud of her. I even brushed her face with it.

Our grandson Lane that is visiting for a couple of weeks. He is almost 12. He loves our little pool. Actually it is a large stock tank that we got for the purpose of a pool for our grandkids. I got tired of replacing plastic ones a couple of times every summer. I believe this is season five with it. Bob put a pump on it and they kids love it.

I don't know what he thinks he is going to see at the bottom but he snorkeled all afternoon. In the winter we stash the pump in the garage and and just turn the tank upside down.

Bob and our oldest son Steve pouring cement for a footing for the new garage door. Steve just finished siding it. He did it mostly with leftover from the house. Bob traded some meat to a guy to install the new door. We just had to buy the door. Its waiting. It will be so nice. Then to get the inside cleaned out so we can use it for the reason it was intended for.
A good day. Bob worked, Lane played in the pool and got the eggs for me, went into Airway Heights and got my prescriptions filled and took Lane to Micky Dee's for supper. Bob is at a Back Country Horse board meeting. Our day is winding down restfully.

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