Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sorry no pictures

When I had some awesome picture possibilities, I did not have my camera. The first photo opportunity was Lane feeding Sage hay and her letting him pet her forehead. He has been so timid about the horses that I was surprised. She was so gentle with him. I just grown to love her more every day.

The second was - Bob was unloading 100 100@ bales of hay and 11 year old Lane was going to help. No one asked him to, he wanted to. But he could not budge them even with a hay hook. So he went to the end of the elevator and could push them aside until there were too many and then Grandpa would come and stack them. I sure wish there was someone to help Bob. This is the hardest thing on the farm for him to do.

Sage was good in the round pen today for the most part. She had a little conniption when I started waving the lash of the carrot stick around. She jumped and tried to run but did stop when I got a handle on her head. I am glad I had the 20' rope on her. I finally got her to stand and just look at it. That was progress. AND I did rub her front legs clear to her feet. I did not try to lift it but rubbed it and rubbed it. Every day there is some progress. I can not ask for any more than that.

It was 81 today, 58 yesterday. Does that make sense. Of course not. It is supposed to be almost 100 by the weekend. I am not complaining - I am not. We have a cool house and I can go out and work in the yard, come in and cool down and go back out. Lane is living in the pool.


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  1. We are up to 94* for the sixth straight day! Thank God for A/C. I would be dead without it. The horses sweat just walking across the pasture and the cats are in hiding. The dog begs to come back in the house. YUCK!! Cool down Friday, to 84. Just in time for the fair to start. The horses go in at 1:00 on Friday.