Monday, June 28, 2010


These are all pictures from the Mustang Days weekend just past. This picture is the infamous Pat McGowan on his horse that had about 20 rides on him - Billy. He was such a big help this challenge (Pat not Billy). He liked us and we liked him.

George and Blade. I love this horse. I would like to see him start a really green horse from nothing. He was interesting though and he is a really nice guy.

Mary's horse Black. She truly is black. She took second place in the Mustang division.

Our horse Raven and our kind of granddaughter Katie's fiance Cameron. The barefoot trimmer Mike Cameron was working on our horse Wrangler and he was having a hissy by himself so Cameron brought Raven in and then he stood still.

Tonka, Andrea's mustang. He is a good sized boy. I was at the adoption when she got him. Never would have guessed he would grow into this beautiful horse.

Andrea and Tonka waiting in the arena. Mickey was talking about acupressure and was looking at different horses.

Bea and Cody. He is a good boy. They competed in the trail challenge and did great too. He is from Owyhee, Idaho herd management area.
So that is our Mustang Challenge for this year. I was very happy with all of it.
Linda's daughter Shiloh came over and took four of our kittens home today. Only four to go. Thank you Linda and hopefully the others will find homes so we don't have to take them to the pound.
Today Mike Cameron came and trimmed two or three of our horses. Then he helped me get going a little better with Sage. I was able to pet her on both sides and for the first time she came up to me and smelled me all over my back. I just stood there and let her then she let me pet her all over her face. I was in awe. No pictures either. Somebody better come and take some. I am sooooo proud of her. Mike gave me some really good hints and told me what he saw me doing wrong. I really appreciate it. I can't wait until tomorrow to practice some more and really get her to trust me.
Bob got our cooler going good this evening. The house is a gazillion times more comfortable.

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  1. That looks like fun! It's great when someone can come watch you work - I find I do small things I don't notice and can then change them. Sage is doing so well - you should be proud of her (and yourself).