Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mustang Days 2010 Over -Great Fun

What a wonderful weekend. Not quite as many people yesterday at the demo's or today at the trail competition but enough for us to have a good start for this next year.
This is Marilyn the winner of the Mustang Division. She rode her old mustang Gelding and scored the highest points of anyone. She was excited and so were me for her. Now the old boy may go into retirement. Congratulations Marilyn.
Katia won the inhand with Bella, Shannon on Skeeter (a mule) won the Open Division, Mike won the novice division and Rachel(also on Skeeter) won the Jr division. Congratulations all of you it would not have been a success without the competitors.
There are so many people to thank. Each of the club members who competed and worked, it would not have happened without your help. To the judges who sat out there waiting for competitors for 3 hrs. To Alexa who sat at the top of the hill and diligently sent the competitors out every 10 minutes. To Pat McGowan for so many things. Not only did he stamp Mustang Days 2010 on the headstalls that I got at the last minute, he rode the course and then rode with a couple of others who needed a helping hand. He is fun besides. Most of all my dearly beloved Husband who tolerated me panicking at the last minute, who supported me, who did whatever I asked him. THANK YOU ALL.
I did work with Sage a little bit when I got home. George gave me some hints yesterday at the demo. I must work with her and try and see if that works for me. She stood and looked at me with both eyes when I went in to her pen. A first time. Progress - one step at a time - some small - some larger.
I will post more pictures of the weekend tomorrow. Right now my bed is calling me. I hear it.


  1. That was a beautiful breast collar--quite a nice trophy for Marilyn!!

  2. Sounds like a great day, Lea! Tiring, but good. That breast collar looks fabulous! I may need to try something like that for the Cascade Horse Fair!