Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunshine and Petunias

A few more pictures of the adoption and then some really old pictures.
The little roan is a sweet young horse who had been handled. Tracey took him home but hopes to find the boy that wanted him and came back for him after she left. It will work out. That horse is going to make someone a wonderful horse.
A pen of horses. I don't remember where the others are from but the palomino was from Paisley. She was the only one in that pen not adopted. She had a little attitude that she displayed but she is a well put together horse.

Jamie working the sorrel. She was not adopted either. Jamie would have taken her but she left and they could not do it over the phone. So she went back to Burns. She is 2.

My sister Sharon and our cousin Jerry. They were very close growing up. Sharon is 6 days older than him. He walked Sharon down the aisle when she got married because our father had died a few years before.

Sharon and I in Algona, WA which is close to Auburn. We were 4 and 2 about I think.

Sharon and our cousins Cynthia and Donna. I think they were singing.
Loved looking at the old pictures. I was looking through them today. A gazillion of Sharon and I at all stages of our growing up years.
My round pen is ready but I need some panels moved over there to get her moved. I am excited to be able to really work her. Today Sage was more like herself before I left on my trip. I rubbed her shoulder and her neck and she even let me rub her cheek and under her chin. I was so happy. She was more relaxed and softer this time. Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures. It is good to be able to report some good news. I was getting a might discouraged.
Today I bought a bunch of flowers to plant - mostly petunias. I wanted some pretty flower beds. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I wanted them in the ground before then. I am disappointed that I don't have a garden this year besides the tomato's and peppers. Another year.................................


  1. I love the old pictures!!

    I'll try to get ahold of you tomorrow to come by and get the kittens. My daughter's off, so hoping she'll help me out. ;)

  2. Beautiful horses and I love seeing the old pics! I hope the boy gets his horse!

  3. I have been going through old photos, too. Ones of my sister who died when I was fourteen, Grammie and Grandfather, my Dad(so young and happy then), etc. I had forgotten about them, Gram sent them to me aeons ago and I stuck them in the back of the secretary drawer because it hurts to look at them and everyone in those photos is gone. Except me.