Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its still raining

The round pen is complete, now to get the panels up so I can get Sage into it. I have some ideas about how to work with her there. I had a long chat today with George Gouvas who is doing one of the Demos at Mustang Days at Busy Bee the 26th and 27th. He is doing a couple of hours on Saturday. He has a South Steens mustang named Blade. He wanted to see the facility and what he needed. He is bringing 2 horses besides Blade.
Back to some old photos. I love them. Me at about 7 I think. I had long, very long blonde braids.

A fourth of July picnic in our yard in 1951. That is the year I thought I would be smart and hold a firecracker to light it. Well, I did not throw it fast enough and it blew up in my hand. Gollllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gee that hurt. No scars though amazingly enough. I learned never ever to do that again.

I think my sister posted this picture on Face Book a while ago. Sharon and I and our cousins Jerry, Cynthia and Donna and the dog Flicka.
The rain has seldom let up today. So, I did not get to work Sage at all. Dang nab it anyway.
I leave tomorrow to work at a horse show in Okanagan. If you are not from here it is in the central part of the state up north a ways. I sure don't want it to rain but I don't want it to be scalding hot either. Used to go to that show when I was showing and it can be really hot. Passed out at the show once just as I was getting off my horse. I must remember to drink lots of water and not Diet Coke which is my drink of choice.


  1. I love the old photo of you,Lea.

  2. Love that photo - I had long blond braids at that age too!

  3. Rain? I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We've had some hot days around here (CA). The place looks lovely - despite its wetness. I love your blog - am reading through the whole thing! Farmer

  4. You've been getting so much rain! I love seeing all your old photos~what a pretty family you are from!