Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am Home

This was one of the better adoptions that we have been too. There were 17 out of 33 adopted. I loved this big black mare. Don't remember where she was from. She could very well be pregnant. She was adopted. I loved her look.
There were a group of youth that got yearlings for a 90 day competition. It is called YaY (youth and yearling). Most of them were not quite a year old I don't think. The kids were glad to see their babies. I judged their event last year and the kids did awesome with them.

This was a three year old mare. She was so quiet. She would come up to the fence and smell your hand. She was adopted by a girl for a 4H project. If I had been going to adopt a horse, she would have been my first choice.When they loaded her, she was very quiet in the chute and just let them put the halter on her.
This is Greg. He drives the big BLM truck a lot of the time. He is a character. He loves what he does. We had dinner with him and a group the other BLM guys and he cracks me up.

My friend Tracey who does so much for the mustangs. She may not be my good friend if she sees this. She didn't know I took it.

Jaime Thomas did the gentling demo with a 2 year old filly. She did a good job. There were about a hundred people there watching.

There were several young pinto horses, both filly's and geldings from Paisley. I wonder if they are related to Sage. This little girl didn't get too excited in the chute but she did not want the halter on her.

Katie, one of the YaY yearlings pretty excited about her filly. She named her Beamer's Blue Moon. She will do a great job. She was touching her face while the filly was still in the chute.

This was Morgan getting her YaY yearling. I think she got a filly too. I believe hers had a blaze on her face. She is excited too.

When we left Longview Sunday morning we went up to Marysville to our Grandson Dustins birthday dinner. He is the oldest of Nikki's 6 boys. He is a handsome guy and girls he is single.

Isn't that ugly. Nikki went to the Gorge (if you aren't from WA, it is a large amphitheater overlooking the Columbia River and it has all sorts of concerts and events there) to a Joe Crocker and Tom Petty concert on Friday night. They rarely get to do things like that and she fell on her way to the restroom and ended up in the ER in Quincy with is the closest little town. She was stone cold sober too. They came in the her ER space to see the sober person that got hurt. Apparently it had been a busy night for the non sober. It hurt her so bad. Her birthday is in 10 days so we took her her birthday gift to her too.
Today I worked twice with Sage and I finally got to scratch her neck. She let me after rubbing her with the stick for a while. She did swing her butt at me a couple of time and I swatted her with the stick and told her no. She got the message. You have 3 seconds to make them think you are going to kill them and then just go back to being nice and pretend it did not happen. I should be able to use the round pen by Wednesday. I am anticipating making good progress then.
The girls got our bedroom painted over the weekend. Now to get the floor layed so we can get back in there. Now to get the kitchen ready to paint. Oh girls...............I will need your help.
Its been a good day. I took a little nap and have been working on house stuff. I would have rather been outside all day but my maid didn't show up. LOL

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