Monday, June 21, 2010

More Rain

Tomorrow is my sweet daughter Nikki's birthday. Actually her name is Nicolette but she has been Nikki since she was born unless she was in trouble. She is 4 in this picture. She was really small.
She is in the 6th grade here. She thinks I dressed her funny but she looked like the other kids. She was a good natured kid most of the time.

This was taken when we camping a couple of years ago. We had such a wonderful time, just Bob and I and Nikki for the better part of a week. Of course our horses too.

If they lived closer she would have a horse but they live right in town. She rides every time they come over. Her hair is long again.
Happy Birthday to a great daughter.
It rained so hard today it was another day of not working with Sage. Darn it anyway. It cleared up after the chores were done, eggs washed and put away and in my jammies. I looked out and the sun was shining. Maybe that is what it will do tomorrow. Can always hope huh?
Don't forget Mustang Days this next weekend.

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  1. Good pictures of Nikki! I hope she has a great birthday!