Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Day of Pouring Rain

No pictures today. It just poured rain from sometime in the night to this evening. It was not a wet day. After Bob went home we went out and worked some in the rain in the yard. He had to unload some panels out of the little horse trailer and we had a brief respite and I went in to work with Sage for a while.

I am so excited and wish I had taken my camera so Bob could have taken pictures. Sage would not go out to the round pen so I told her we still would work on some things. I used the rope instead of a stick and I tossed it around and over her for a while. That is not my best thing - tossing the rope. I had it laying across her back at her withers. I just stepped up to her and rubbed all over her shoulder and neck. It was the very first time I have touched her that I have not had to work my way up with the stick. I did it several times and she kept swinging her head at me and snapping and I kept popping her nose and yelling and starting over with her. She finally let me mess with her halter and rub her cheek and then it started pouring again so I went into the barn to work out of the deluge. I am glad she likes her shelter.

Bob and I went for a little drive this evening and had ice cream cones. A fun evening. I had gotten him a DVD player for our new wide screen TV and watching him trying to connect it was a riot. He gave up. He is more technically challenged than I am and so we will wait until help arrives.



  1. Great progress with Sage, even though the rain was terrible today! I hope she continues to make big leaps in progress for you.

    I was pretending to mount Scout yesterday (no saddle, just sticking my leg up like there was a stirrup to step into) and he was doing that same thing, head-swinging and trying to nip. Naughty Naughty.

  2. cameron would be able to help you with that!