Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A day at Calico Acres in Pictures

This is an abundance of photos from around the farm. Maybe more than you want to see at once so I won't be insulted if you don't look at them all. This is the gate so Sage can go to the round pen. She will go if no one is around. I have only caught her in their once. Her little pen is her hidey hole.

These were teeny little feeder fish when we originally bought them and put them in the water tank. There is one more. They have really grown. I have not fed them in 2 years. They keep the tank pretty clean. We have fish in two of the tanks.
Cody going out to eat this morning. He did not want to go out originally. I don't think he had ever been out in a pasture. He loves it though.

Chemmy. He loves the green grass. We put them out 2x a day for 2 hrs.

Yuma. He wonders what took me so long to let them out.

Lindy is doing 100% better but is not at 100% yet. We have found her a new home though and she will be leaving on July 5th. when they get home from vacation.

Rusty thinks she is pretty awesome to be able to get out to eat. She doesn't always go in so easy.

Raven in the alleyway going out of the pasture. She was a good girl this morning.

This is the cow that hit the panel that hit me in the head.

The rest of the cows having a break after eating breakfast.

Wrangler. He is such a nice horse.

Abby is the one headed for the gate. She belongs to Katie.

Ditto and Liberty relaxing in the sunshine.

She looks a little pathetic doesn't she. Amelia is on a dry lot diet and we are not among her favorite people. Her mane needs brushing out. That may be on my agenda tomorrow.

Pepper. I have written a lot about this boy.

Wild Rose AKA Rosie. She is a wonderful pony. She did not even get excited when a moose came by today right close to her. Just looked at it like what the heck are you.

The three musketeers.

She let me walk right up to her today and snap a rope onto her halter. She drug me around pretty strenuously for quite a while but we finally got it down more or less. When Bob got home from work he came and manned the rope and she had some real temper tantrums. I mean REAL TANTRUMS. She through herself down on the ground several times. It scared me but finally it was like she said, OK I guess I need to give to the rope. Bob could pen her face. She is a stubborn one but later I could walk in and walk right up to her and rub her shoulder and neck. I did that a couple of times. Tomorrow will be back to the rope. I did rub her shoulder on the side that has been a no no once. I undid the rope from that side too. So today, I would say we made progress.

Oliver. The one horned goat.

Part of our hens. I made that waterer. Saw it in a book. We have 30 hens. Right now we sell all of the eggs that we want to.

Lemon Balm. It smells good when you rub the leaves. I don't know what you use it for but I love that lemony smell.

The south side of our garage. He will finish the front tomorrow. The new door will go on when he is done. Then maybe, just maybe it will get cleared out so I can actually put my car in there. Isn't that a unique idea.
So that is a little trip around Calico Acres Farm on a sunny June day.


  1. Are you sure Amelia is fat? :) Lemon balm is good in chicken dishes and in tea and the list goes on...

  2. Thanks for the farm tour - love all the horse pictures - Sage does look skeptical, doesn't she?

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