Friday, June 18, 2010

Didn;t go anywhere

Today I was supposed to go up to Okanagan and work a horse show. I received a call about 7:30 this AM and they had so few entries they cancelled the horse show. I am so angry because I had to turn down 2 other shows because I was contracted by them. And to make it all worse, Bob had just left for his weekend camping with a couple of our horses. So here I am feeling sorry for myself. No work, no camping and no company except the critters. Makes me want to cuss.
We did get the panels up - our oldest son Steve and I - so I could get Sage to the round pen. We opened her gate and she would NOT go out it. She just got more scared and more upset. So, I just left her alone for a while with her gate open but she still would not go out the gate on her own. There was lush grass inside the panels and I thought she would not be able to stand it and would go out when no one was bothering her. Nope. So I went down and took some hay in my hand and talked to her quietly. She took it when I was standing in close to her. Then I took some more and stood by the gate. It was a few minutes before she just had to come get it. Then I put some into the area toward the round pen and then I left. The next time I looked she was munching on the grass. When I fed her tonight I fed her in the round pen and she is in there eating. So, tomorrow we get to work.
To that was mostly my day. I spent some time just relaxing and reading and tried to do something with this house. Bob must must must get to the bedroom floor this week so we can move stuff back in there. Doesn't everyone have a bed frame and mattress in their dining room. I am tired of it.
Don't forget Mustang Days on June 26 and 27th. Its our main money maker for the year.

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  1. Sorry you're having a lonely weekend:( I'm glad that Sage went in the pen!