Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Beatuful Day in My Neighborhood

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. I always feel a tinge of regret on that day the same as on Mothers Day. I miss my Daddy. He was always Daddy, not Dad to me. He died of lung cancer when I was 17 and a senior in high school. I have so many wonderful memories of him. I wish I was where I could go put flowers on his grave tomorrow but I am not.
And then there is the father of our six children. Two are in heaven as I have said before. He has been a good dad and has worked hard to see that the kids had what they needed growing up. Now they are grown up with kids of their own and good dads too. Two of them, the others are moms.
I love this picture of Bob as a little boy. Notice the cowboy boots even then. He rarely wears anything else on his feet.

I went yard saleing for a while today. Found two dresses, brand new in my size for 2.00 a piece. Beautiful sundresses. Found some books which I always look for. It was fun anyway.
Then I came home and worked with Sage for quite a while. She seems to like the round pen and I could still get up to her by rubbing her with the whip. She had a problem getting from the little pen to the round pen. She does not seem to like going thru the gates, She will get used to it. I was really proud of her. She did not seem so jumpy in there as in the pen either. We will get back at it tomorrow after church. It is not supposed to be so hot. I think my arms are a little pink. I don't burn much but I do need to use sun screen.
So to all the fathers - God bless your day in a big way.


  1. It's only been 7 years since my Dad died but I miss him every day. No matter our age he's always still Daddy. blessings, marlene