Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying to catch up

I think I loaded these backwards this evening but OH well. I have had a busy day and backwards just seems OK.
This is the pond at my nieces place in Mississippi. The dog is Rosalie. She does not like the water a whole lot but it was so hot that she jumped in. I don't know if there are fish in the pond or not but its a nice spot.

Caroline and I heading riding up the little hill toward the pond. I am riding Baby Dash and she is riding Cricket. Baby Dash is an awesome barrel horse but is a calm trail horse. She is calm until you ride her into the arena and she is like a rocket. I didn't do that. The trail was just fine for me. The stirrups are a little short but that was OK
Across the field we went. It was so hot that day. Carrie got a bad sunburn. I don't burn very easily. The doctor would probably have a fit but I have always been out in the sun.

One of the things on my Bucket List - to get to ride Cricket. I adopted her at about 4 months old and gave her to Carrie when she was 3 I think. I always have wanted to ride her at least once. I did not ride her on the trail ride because she has way more up and at em than I was ready for. I did ride her in the arena for a while.

Beautiful Cricket.

This is not what it looks like. This is in a row of sharecropper shacks that a family bought and brought here. They redid the insides to include AC, frig, microwave ect. It is called the Shack Up Inn. There are 8 of these little houses. They rent for 60.00 a night if you stay more than one night. 72 if you don't. There is a gift ship and a place where they have Blues groups - they call it a Juke Joint. Not at all what it sounds like and they have church on Sundays. It is near Clarksburg, Mississippi on the Delta.

In Clarksburg at the Ground Zero Blues Club. Its quite a place. We would call it just a bar but its a club there. Morgan Freeman the actor owns half interest in it and they say he is almost always there. Well he wasn't this day.

Again, the Blues Club. There is not a square inch in the entire place that does not have a signature on it. And we did not have a pen to write with. It was a fun place to visit.

The road to Alligator, Mississippi. Its just a little mostly black community on the delta.

Another little town like Alligator or I liked the name better. Wouldn't it be fun to be from a town named Sunflower?

Cotton fields on the delta are many. They are getting ready to plant for the next crop. The soybeans are growing well. We saw lots of them too.

Joey, Carries kitty telling me he wants in the house NOW. He is an elder statesman and expects instant attention.
Are you getting bored with my pictures yet: I have many more. Will be putting a few on each night until someone yells ENOUGH.
We did alot of spending money today. We got the plywood to fix the roundpen so the fence is high enough so I can work Sage in there and the other mare too. We got the laminate flooring to put in our bedroom and a bunch of other lumber for projects Bob has going around here or hopes to have going anyway. I got the paint for our bedroom yesterday. Now to ring someone into helping me paint it.
This morning Katie came and caught all the kittens and we moved them to our spare bathroom. They will just be wild if we leave them down in the barn. Their mothers were taking them out of the grain bin and we have been rounding them up. One is missing. Can't help it. They are cute little buggers. If they would only stay kittens and not grow into cats.
So that's my day in a nutshell I guess. My book and I are going to bed.

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  1. Looks like fun - and Cricket is beautiful - glad you got to ride her.